Blackdom Clothing & Productions Ltd. Co.

Blackdom Clothing & Productions Ltd. Co.

At the core of Dr. Timothy E. Nelson's work, in 1903, Blackdom Townsite Company boasted co-founders who believed freedom wasn’t enough after emancipation. Black people chose equal-and-separate in the Borderlands. During and after American Reconstruction, Black people reached sovereignty and used institutionalized knowledge skills and abilities in the occupation of all-Black municipalities as well as other frontier spaces. The advent of the Blackdom experiment was an outgrowth of the Black military experience that nurtured self-reliance, self-governance, and cooperation amongst Black people. Quarantined from Whiteness, Blackdom’s significance included the clear articulation of Black people's intentions.


Your patronage will help fund the further research and development of Dr. Nelson’s work, The Blackdom Thesis.

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