Breaking Bad RV Tours

Miss Breaking Bad? Love Better Call Saul? Did you see El Camino? We will bring the show to Life on our 3 hour Film location tour. You get to ride in the Breaking Bad RV just like the one on the show. Re-live the sights and sounds in our fully interactive, climate controlled 3 hour Studio Film location Tour. NEW Take a Breaking Bad RV Virtual Tour visiting 13 of your favorite film locations from Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and now El Camino. Tour the RV, Chucky McGill's, Jesse's house, the Dog House, Tucco's hideout, Combo's corner, The Railyards, Jesse's Porta Potty and Junkyard, Los Pollo's Hermano's, Wendy's Crossroads, Owl Café, the Car Wash, Walter Whites house, The Superlab, The Breaking Bad Store and the Candy Lady. You have total control over the tour, see 360 degree views, scroll forward or backwards, click on the Narrator for info about the location and see drone shots of each location. You will have 24hr access to view the tour multiple times. ​


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